Have you seen a pod of Orca’s near your house?


Oak Bay is a thriving community filled with plenty of things to see and do, all within walking distance. This was the main draw for our new Members, Linda and Don Biberdorf, from Calgary that have bought a wonderful second home in the heart of Oak Bay in which they will begin to use once the building is complete in the Fall. Linda especially boasted about how Oak Bay has the stores, the view, the social atmosphere and the ocean all in one place and all in walking distance. Don definitely enjoys how close it is to our golf course, as he was specifically searching for a place that had the lifestyle, climate and close proximity to his favourite past time. The couple was lucky enough to spot a pod of Orca’s while playing the course one day, and feel so lucky to live and play so close to nature’s bounty – and we agree completely.

The Biberdorf’s were featured in an article in the Calgary Herald on the lifestyle that Village Walk, and Victoria in general, boast for Calgarians. Read the full story here. As we have said many times before, it is not just a golf experience here at the Victoria Golf Club, it is also a way of life – that active, social lifestyle that the Club and the city of Victoria does so well.

Free memberships for sons and daughters at Victoria Golf Club

Free Memberships for Sons and DaughtersWith our new Family Membership offer at Victoria Golf Club, sons and daughters get to join for free! It’s our way of encouraging future golfers to learn the game and become part of the our great way of life at Victoria. We have extensive junior lesson programs that make the game fun. We often run week long daily camps during the summer or in holidays so your kids can make the most of their free membership. At our Canada Day party last year, we had more than 300 adults with over 120 kids enjoying some fun golf. We had foam and plastic golf clubs, games and target practice all set up on our first tee. Yes, it was noisy out there!

The most challenging private golf club in Canada!

Victoria Golf ClubGolf courses have a habit of overusing those adjectives, like “unique”, “challenging” and “scenic”. But we let others come up with the superlatives! Many prominent golf course architects and PGA Tour Professionals including Johnny Miller say nice things about Victoria Golf Club: when Miller visited us recently, he said ”Those ocean holes, I call ‘em wowzers!”. Renowned course architect Ian Andrew says: “Top 25 easily, one of the great places to golf in Canada.” Score Golf Ranks us #15 among the country’s private courses, #3 in B.C. and #1 on Vancouver Island. And we play every day of the year, with the mildest winter weather in the country, Craggy shorelines, verdant fairways, ocean breezes and undulating greens conjure up images of historic links courses in Scotland. For more than 120 years, Victoria Golf Club has provided the true essence of golf – as it was meant to be played.

Experience something new each time

Victoria Golf Club - 5th FlagYou would think that being able to play a course 365 days of the year, things might get a little monotonous, but not so at Victoria Golf Club. Each of our 18 holes is unique, with no two alike. With doglegs left and right, uphill and downhill shots, the variety will always keep you thinking. And subtle shifts in the breeze can change it all. Now here’s the best part. With seven holes on the water and ocean views from most, you will be amazed at the ever changing postcard vistas. Between 18 character golf holes, all manner of sea life and ocean craft, it’s not just a golf experience here at Victoria Golf Club, it’s a golf adventure.

How a Blue Hole can improve your golf game

Victoria Golf ClubFew avid golfers would dispute their focus and game is better in favorable weather. Playing in soggy conditions affects every aspect of the game, from your equipment, to lies, and even your disposition!

Victoria Golf Club, strategically positioned on the most south easterly tip of Vancouver Island, benefits from a natural phenomena called the “Blue Hole”, where the impressive Olympic Mountain range to the southwest deflect prevailing wet systems around the location of the golf course. While other parts of British Columbia are sometimes referred to as the “wet coast” Victoria statistically receives less than one third the rainfall of Vancouver. Our Blue Hole and moderate temperatures make Victoria Golf Club one of the driest, sunniest climates in Canada. This means honing your golf game 365 days a years in some pretty stellar conditions, all without lugging your umbrella and rain gear around. And we’re talking in Canada folks.

Did you see Orca whales today?

Victoria Golf Club at SunsetOne of the rare treats of Victoria Golf Club, Canada’s year round golf course, is the extraordinary amount of wildlife we see every day. At the top of our list is probably the animal that draws the most attention when they arrive on our shores – the Killer Whale, “Orcinus Orca”. We are blessed with a number of resident and transient pods and many of the transients move through the waters of the Juan de Fuca strait every day.

For golfers, it’s an amusing sight to watch players suddenly stop playing and be entranced by the sight of whales.

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Whale Watching is Free!

9 Tee Box Victoria Golf ClubWhale Watching is free from the iconic “Point Holes” at the Victoria Golf Club. Holes 7 through 10 reward members with unobstructed views of the Haro Straight and Mount Baker. Sightings of Resident and Transient Killer Whales are not uncommon. Transients, particularly, provide a thrilling spectacle as they search for prey close to shore along Holes 8 & 9.

Meticulous playing conditions every day

Handcutting the 16th greenThere is no doubt that playing a really good golf course which has temporary greens can take the shine off your round – no matter how you try and convince yourself otherwise.

At Victoria Golf Club, we pride ourselves on never having temporary greens. We might be the only course in Canada that plays 365 days of the year and especially without those winter greens that run at a stimp of about 5. With more than 30 greens staff in the summer and around a dozen in the winter, you can expect to find a course that is in meticulous playing condition every day of the year. One of our members, Robin Steffanick, who prides himself on playing over 200 rounds per year, told us “I haven’t seen a temporary green due to weather conditions at Victoria in more than 8 years”. And we play a lot of winter golf on fast greens, so make sure you practice your putting before you get here! In the photo below you’ll see us handcutting our 16th green on November 17th 2013. We don’t always handcut in the winter, but watch out when we do, this green was running at 11 on the stimp after the cut!

Calgary’s favourite year round private golf club!

4th Hole - Victoria Golf ClubOver 90 Calgary golfers have made Victoria Golf Club their second home. It’s not just the proximity of our two cities and the convenience of getting here. Although there is a pretty big Mountain range and most of two provinces between us, we can still be reached in a little over an hour. But what’s so great about Victoria is that we play year round, with meticulous playing conditions even in the middle of winter. With a full complement of winter greens staff our course is always great to play, even in January. There are quite a few Calgarians who come and play for the day or a weekend, and when you think about it, traveling here is way less stressful when you don’t have to worry about passports and U.S. Customs!

Olympic Skiers at Victoria Golf Club

Olympic Skiers at Victoria Golf ClubThe coastal beauty, history, and the challenge of Victoria Golf Club have wowed Olympians Robbie Dixon and Manny Osborne-Paradis (2L and 3L), of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. This is high praise indeed from athletes that travel the world conquering the icy tracks of downhill ski racing. In their down-time they love to play golf and they love Victoria Golf Club, appropriately framed by the Olympic Mountains!